‘He must read Clause 24’: Helen Zille’s clapback at Fikile has SA amused

‘He must read Clause 24’: Helen Zille’s clapback at Fikile has SA amused

The gloves are off for political rivals Helen Zille and Fikile Mbalula after what appeared to be a massive misunderstanding on “Clause 24” of the terms of the Government of National Unity (GNU) signed agreement.

The DA Federal Chair took the ANC Secretary-General to task over what he believed would transpire in a deadlock dispute among GNU members.

Zille also clapped back at Mbalula’s invitation to smaller parties to join the GNU and possibly bypass their political power.

According to the 73-year-old, the GNU had three founding members: the ANC, DA, and IFP, and they all had to reach a consensus – or at least 60% in agreement. Meanwhile, Mbalula has claimed that it would “welcome” interested parties into the GNU.


In two separate interviews on SABC News’s Face The Nation show with Clement Manyathela, Fikile Mbalula was checked over his understanding of the terms of the GNU.

He confidently told Clement: “This is a GNU with special characteristics, where in which we talk about the normal operation and functioning of government.

“There is no party that has got the veto power within the GNU.”

Helen Zille shut down Fikile’s understanding of the GNU agreement, confirming that the DA could not be disregarded when it comes to decision-making”.

She said: “We will represent at least 30% of the seats in the GNU if they do it by proposal representation.

“Without the DA, the ANC can’t reach 60% of the seats in the National Assembly occupied by the GNU parties”.

When asked if the ANC could bypass the DA with the aid of smaller parties, Helen clapped back: “The ANC can’t bring people in that they feel like bringing in.

“This is another thing Fikile doesn’t seem to understand.

“It says in keeping with the spirit of an inclusive GNU it is agreed the composition shall be discussed and agreed among the existing parties whenever new parties desired to be part of the GNU.”

She continued: “It is not the ANC that gest to invite everyone as Fikile seems to think. He keeps making public statements about this one’s joined and that one’s joined. But he must read clause 24 [of] the document he signed”.

“It’s about the principle. They don’t make all the decisions anymore, and they didnt win the elections”.

Watch the interview in full below…


On the X app, South Africans on social media had a field day roasting Fikile Mbalula for seemingly not understanding a document he had signed.

Fikile Mbalula trying to get rid of Helen Zille signature pic.twitter.com/gZHAAXLKwE

— IG:Joy-Zelda (@joy_zelda) June 18, 2024

What Fikile Mbalula did is what amapiano artists are doing when they get to phori studio.

They read first 2 lines of the contract and then scream about being scammed… pic.twitter.com/kPnindnHq0

— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) June 19, 2024

Fikile Mbalula after signing GNU agreement . pic.twitter.com/xPccZ0oQ36

— Obakeng Ramabodu (@RamaboduObakeng) June 19, 2024

Others were amused at Helen Zille’s no-nonsense approach…

Helen said “the ANC send the best negotiation team” kanti she was dribbling them behind closed doors. And remember this is only season 1 of the series, we are going to need a year’s supply of popcorns. pic.twitter.com/quG8ea2FcR

— LADY M³ (@MapulaMokgosang) June 18, 2024

This is what Helen Zille did to Mbalula at clause 24


— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) June 19, 2024

Helen Zille: https://t.co/SYwtP1zy7b pic.twitter.com/PoOmh0NWht

— Anele Fumba (@Anelefumba) June 18, 2024


Fikile Mbalula is no stranger to Twitter (now X) beefs with his fellow political comrades.

Apart from the MK Party leader Jacob Zuma, “Bra Fiks” has also had spats with the likes of Julius Malema, Carl Niehaus, Mmusi Maimane, and Lindiwe Sisulu.

DA federal chair Helen Zille. Image: Democratic Alliance

He has also had massive blowouts with celebs like Gareth Cliff, Robert Marawa, and Ntsiki Mazwai.

Helen Zille is also known for her sharp tongue and has taken on many a political rival.

She’s also gone head-to-head with high-profile stars like Danny K, Chester Missing, Lesego Tlabi (also known as Coconut Kelz), Hlomla Dandala and Pear Thusi.