He kicked me in the belly a month after C-S delivery- Funny Face’s baby mama

Funny Face Vanessa

Funny Face’s baby mama drama is far from finished as the mother of his twins has alleged that the comedian is great at playing the victim.

Vanessa, the mother of the comic actor’s twins, said while in an interview with Ghpage that Funny Face had physically assaulted her on several ocassions.

In an exclusive and exhaustive interview, Vanessa recounted how she met Funny Face, got pregnant for him and moved into his Kasoa home as his baby mama.

The lady who is carrying another child who she claims is her third with the comedian mentioned that she only agreed to leave her mother behind in Kumasi to join Funny Face in his home without due marital rites because of her love for him.

She explained that in spite of her dedication to Funny Face’s happiness even to the peril of her own mother, the actor maltreated her and abused her verbally and physically upon her arrival at his home.

She revealed that her first major scuffle with Funny Face happened a month after she delivered her twins in May- thus in June.

Apparently, the comedian would snap and leave her at home alone with her newly born twins for days disinterested in how they would be catered for.

Vanessa expressed that after one of Funny Face’s usual escapades he returned home with his Kasoa Trotro crew to shoot some scenes at home only to abuse her in their presence.

According to her, Funny Face broke into a fight with her just because his babies were crying claiming they were distracting his shoot.

Their heated argument led to a fistfight and while the entertainer bruised her hand she left him with a scar on his side inflicted by one of his awards.


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Vanessa added that afterwards a number of other fights took place. She recounted how Funny Face had threatened to shoot her down with his gun after she went to apologise after one of their routine brawls.

Explaining how Maame Yeboah Asiedu got involved, Vanessa mentioned that she had wanted to buy a waist trainer from her after her delivery and was stopped from meeting her because Funny face thought she was going out to meet another man.

Vanessa revealed that she had no choice than to confide in Maame Yeboah about her relationship problems with Funny Face because she was overwhelmed.

Ghpage is bent on bringing you every single detail about Funny face and his baby mama’s episode. Stay tuned.

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