HD+ launched in Ghana

SES HD PLUS Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of SES, a global content connectivity solutions provider, has commenced its operations in Ghana with the launch of HD+.

This means television viewers in Ghana can now access their favourite local TV channels in high definition (HD) picture quality on their system.

A media release issued in Accra on December 17, 2020, said the HD+ decoder offered viewers in Ghana up to 12 of the most watched and loved free-to-air (FTA) channels in high-definition quality in addition to over 100 standard definition (SD) channels.

A one-time activation via the USSD short code *879# is required to unlock a free trial period of two months.

After the free trial period is over, Ghanaians can continue to enjoy the HD+ ‘FeeliFeeli’ experience by subscribing for a package via the HD+ USSD code for GH¢25 a month.


The statement said customers who would opt for quarterly and yearly payments would be able to enjoy further discounts from the standard monthly package.

According to an IPSOS survey conducted recently by HD PLUS Ghana, about 50 per cent of TV homes in Ghana had an HD TV.

The survey revealed that while there were several international HD channels, there was only one FTA local channel in HD, with the rest of the local channels in SD, while over 95 per cent of households surveyed also said they were willing to pay for the high-quality viewing experience.

At the launch of HD+ in Accra, the Director of SES HD PLUS Ghana, Mr Theodore Asampong said the introduction of HD+ into the Ghanaian market was in response to the high demand for better picture quality among satellite television viewers in the country.

“We are aware of the high demand for superior picture quality among television viewers, and are confident that the introduction of HD+ in Ghana will address this need and transform the way Ghanaians view content,” he said.  

“It is noteworthy that local entertainment still leads in Ghana in terms of content, and the fact that HD+ brings the top 12 local stations to Ghanaian viewers in high definition will be truly revolutionary.”

“We have come with a promise of high quality, and this will be delivered in the spirit of agile and unconventional service provision,” he added.


Since 2009, SES HD PLUS Ghana’s parent company, SES, has been partnering local businesses to increase the availability of free-to-air TV channels to the majority of homes across the West and Central African market.

Apart from offering over 100 FTA channels in standard definition, SES HD PLUS Ghana is collaborating with some local television stations to deliver their content in high-definition quality.