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Has Lionel Messi lost his spark – One legend thinks so

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Former Scottish footballer Ally McCoist has delivered a scathing assessment of Lionel Messi’s efforts in the Champions League this week.

Messi was criticized for not doing enough to win back the ball during PSG’s 2-1 Champions League defeat to Manchester City.

Has Lionel Messi lost his spark?

McCoist believes that Messi isn’t displaying the desire of a top professional despite still being brilliant on the ball.

“I’m a bit disappointed in Messi,” he told talkSPORT.

“I thought about it a bit last night. I’m looking for more from him. He’s brilliant on the ball, right. Even now at this stage in his career, I love him. I absolutely love him but I think he’s lost a wee bit of desire to go and get the ball to do things.

“I think he’s great if the ball comes to him and he makes himself available, but he’s lost a wee bit to go and get it. There is no doubting their talent, but the bottom line is they don’t work hard enough when they haven’t got the ball.

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“They do not work at all and I mention Messi, who is definitely one of the greatest players to ever grace this earth, I watched him specifically for 10-15 minutes and I don’t think he did enough to get on the ball because he’s a genius and I was wanting the wee fella to do more, whether it’s drop short five or 10 yards, go and get the ball and make something happen.”

Messi has scored four times in his ten matches for PSG, but that isn’t the return fans of the French club were expecting, and rumours persist that the Argentine is unsettled in Paris.

He stands to earn 30 million euros for each of the first two years of his tenure at PSG, a salary second only to that of Neymar.

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