Hamisa Mobetto should protect her son from Diamond Platnumz at all costs

Word making rounds is that Hamisa’s son, Dylan is not Diamond Platnumz son. From the stories, its alleged that the said socialite trapped Diamond Platnumz into thinking he was the father – yet the boys doesnt even look like Diamond Platnumz. Okay….if indeed Diamond Platnumz is basing his paternity test on the boy’s look youll habe to allow me to say, this is the dumbest excuse a man from today’s generation can use to avoid child support. So yea – without a proper paternity test, we cannot confirm the ongoing rumors. However seeing this is not the first time Diamond Platnumz and family is saying this….we also want to believe they might have more information but chose to keep it on the low…..probably as a weapon they’ll use against Hamisa in the near future. Hamisa Mobetto not bothered But before then….. we wait. Anyway having heard the rumors, Hamisa Mobetto this time around has refused to engage in online fights Diamond Platnumz and his family. However reacting to the baby trapping allegations, Hamisa through her IG wrote: Kwa hapa nilipofikia Ukiskia nasemwa we changia tu….maana hakuna jipya In short….. she doesnt care anymore. Well it may look like ignorance but then again – at this point (with the pull and push) all Hamisa can do as a mum is protect her son from grown ups going for interviews to discuss a 5 year old boy…..without a care in the world. I mean – even if the allegations are true…..why expose the 5 year old to the world like a bunch of fools? Think about his teachers, his schoolmates hearing stories from their parents on how he is not Diamond Platnumz son…..the bullying…..is it worth a few seconds of fame? Clearly, Diamond needs to pull his head off his family’s @zz…

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