Hamburg defender Jan Gyamerah reveals fond memories of Bochum ahead of Bundesliga II clash

German born Ghanaian defender Jan Gyamerah has revealed he had good times at VfL Bochum ahead of Hamburg’s Bundesliga II clash with his former club on Sunday.Gyamerah joined Hamburg in 2019 after six years at Bochum.I have consistently positive memories of VfL,” he said. “And what I will never forget is my professional debut under Peter Neururer on a December day 2013 in Dresden.I had a lot of wonderful moments in Bochum and went to school there.This time shaped me, that is something that lasts,” he added.The versatile player owes a lot his career development to the club that nurtured and gave him his professional debut.I am very grateful to the club for the good time and everything I was allowed to learn.I am still in contact with the performance diagnostician and the VfL Physio.It’s just a shame that my good buddy Vitaly Janelt left VfL in the summer, said Gyamerah.The 25-year-old has been a key performer for Hamburg since joining the club, and will be expected to play a pivotal role against his former club on Sunday.We are sure to have a difficult game waiting for us on Sunday. Overall, they showed how strong Bochum is after the Corona break.Your point average since then speaks volumes.