Hajjati Stecia Mayanja Reflects on Challenges of Working Abroad

Hajjati Stecia Mayanja Reflects on Challenges of Working Abroad

By BigEyeUg Team

In a recent online video, celebrated singer and actress Hajjati Stecia Mayanja shared candid insights into the challenges of pursuing opportunities abroad.

Hajjati Stecia Mayanja

Currently residing in Canada, Mayanja highlighted the difficulties faced by individuals seeking better prospects in foreign lands.

It’s not easy to seek greener pastures abroad, and if you are not such a hard worker, you may not be able to manage. Respect people who go abroad to seek for greener pastures,” Mayanja expressed in the video.

Known for her vibrant presence in the Ugandan music scene, Hajjati Stecia Mayanja made headlines earlier this month with her official retirement announcement from the music industry.

Her decision to relocate to Canada marks a significant transition in her career and life, signaling the end of an era for her global fan base.

Mayanja’s remarks underscore the realities many face when pursuing opportunities abroad, emphasizing the resilience required to navigate unfamiliar territories in pursuit of a better future. Her journey serves as both a testament to personal growth and a reminder of the challenges inherent in international endeavors.

As Hajjati Stecia Mayanja embarks on this new chapter, her fans worldwide await eagerly to see how her legacy continues to evolve beyond borders.

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