Guard Your Vote Jealously after Voting – Bobi Wine Tells NUP Supporters in Busoga

Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine, the presidential candidate for the National Unity Platform party (NUP) has called upon youth in Busoga sub region to jealously protect their votes, immediately after they have voted.

Kyagulanyi informed his supporters that there is no law that restrains anyone from staying around to guard their vote after casting exercise.

“Thank you for braving the intimidation, the beatings, harassment, teargas and live bullets and coming in large numbers to show the whole world that you are ready to remove the dictator with us. Please do the same on the voting day,” he said adding, “After voting for us, do not leave until counting is done.”

Kyagulanyi made these remarks while addressing his supporters at Iganga, where he held his second rally after holding the first one in Mayuge District.

He queried and bemoaned the regime’s use of torture and intimidation against the opposition supporters as well as candidates.

“They tried to kill us but we are living longer, they tried to weaken us but we are stronger by the grace of God.  By the time (President) Museveni came to power, my father was a free man but he died as a slave. Many of your parents were free but most of them have now lost hope, let’s restore their hope by voting out Museveni,” Kyagulanyi said.

He started his day seven campaigns in the Busoga sub region in Mayuge amidst teargas and live bullets before heading to Iganga.

While addressing his supporters in Mayuge, Kyagulanyi noted that Busoga region used to be the biggest industrial area in East Africa but has since lost its glory.

“Busoga has grown sugarcane which they don’t have control over. When I become president, Busoga will be for the Basoga and the people will have control over the price of their sugar canes,” he said.

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