GPHA Security Fight Immigration Officers At Tema Port


A clash of significant proportions unfolded between security personnel from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and officers from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) at the Tema Port, escalating into a physical confrontation that marred the port’s tranquility.

The tense altercation in a video, captured the volatile exchange between the two groups at the Ghana Port Security and immigration service.

According to reports, the clash ensued after a group of approximately 12 GPHA security members, stationed at Meridian Port Services (MPS), reportedly stormed the GIS office at MPS with the intent to apprehend two officers following a disagreement during routine vessel checks on the MSC DYMPHNA.

The crux of the conflict stemmed from the GPHA security’s insistence on conducting searches on the GIS officers post their inspection duties.

The situation escalated when an inspector from the Immigration Service adamantly refused the request, citing that while their bags could be searched, the individuals themselves were off-limits for inspection – particularly highlighting the impropriety of a male searching a female officer.

The firm stance taken by the GIS officer was met with resistance and animosity from the GPHA security personnel, resulting in a heated exchange of insults and physical altercations. Regrettably, the clash reached a boiling point, leading to the tearing of the uniform worn by an officer identified as AICO II Boadu.

The conflict between the GPHA security and the Immigration officers has raised concerns about the maintaining of order and professionalism within the port environment.

As investigations into the altercation begin, questions loom over the need for improved communication and conflict resolution strategies between the security agencies to prevent such incidents from reoccurring in the future. The Tema Port, a vital gateway for trade and commerce in Ghana, awaits a swift resolution to this troubling security breach.

By Vincent Kubi

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