Gov’t is Not Supposed to Gazette our Cultural Leader-Nandala

Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the Budadiri West Legislator has blasted the government over its inefficiency in solving matters of the Bugisu Cultural leadership.

Since 2019, Bugisu Cultural Institution has failed to get a new leader (Umukuuka) amid a clash between two factions.

One faction led by Steven Mungoma the former Institution Chairman Board, in October 2020 elected Mike Jude Mudoma as its leader, while another led by the former Umukuuka the late Bob Mushikori elected John Amram Wagabyalire as the successor.

Since then fights and endless petitions has ensued which made the Ministers of Gender to give them room to sort themselves out.

Weeks after Mudoma launched his office in Mutoto, Hon Nandala Mafabi has come out to blast the government for doing nothing for all this time.

” Wagabyalire passed through the due process and even the late Umukuka II Sir Bob Mushikori handed over to him.  Government of Uganda is not supposed to Gazette any leader but for us and the purpose of the whole world he was gazetted, I think Wagabyalire is the one who was gazetted now; if you feel that he is not the right one you go to court and court must decide but if you don’t want to go to court why can’t you come back and work together,” Nandala added.

Even after the two leaders declaring themselves as the Umukuukas of the land with Wagabyalire sitting at the institution offices in Maluku and Mudoma at Mutoto, Hon Peace Mutuzo the State Minister of Gender declared the position vacant.

“For us the position is vacant until we recognize one person and we cannot have two people at a time so whoever is putting on their trousers those are things of their own families,” she said

Mutuzo noted that the government has not recognized any Umukuka from the time the late Bob Mushikori passed on in January this year.

“For now they are only contenders they have to justify the procedures and then government will Gazette the one who has been acknowledged and accepted by the Bamasaba,” she said.

Bugisu region MPs under their Parliamentary Caucus led by their Chairperson Richard Wanda recently pledged to intervene into the matter in a bid to bring back harmony in the Inzu ya Masaba.

Nandala said that it hurts them as MPs to see such divisions being exercised by the people perceived to be their elders and leaders.

“We sat last week with fellow MPs to source for the medicine of this long standing problem. But we have learnt that one of them is now in Mutoto and the other in Maluku,” he said adding,

“We want engage the Ministry of Gender to organise another meeting with both parties because the ministry wanted to Gazette the Umukuka but they were getting two names on table and so they declined to Gazette any of them and now the real job is with us the Bamasaba to come up with one name.”

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