Gov’t Decentralized ‘Emyooga’ Program to Ease Access to Funds for Beneficiaries – Kasolo


The Minister of State for Microfinance Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has said the Emyooga initiative is among the top government programs which have been successfully decentralized.

Kasolo stated that Emyooga is now run at the local government levels which eases access to the funds by the target beneficiaries.

While responding to leaders in Rubindi Town Council who alleged that Local Governments have not been fully involved in the running of the initiative, Kasolo said that the assertion is not true since the program was removed from central to the local government.

“There’s no SACCO that got money without the knowledge of the RDC. The RDC first approves that this group exists and then they get the money,” Kasolo said.

The minister revealed that even the Microfinance Support Center which gives the program technical advice has no say on who gets the money.

“SACCOs have leaders and they work with District Commercial Officers, you can’t say this program wasn’t decentralized. Emyooga is no longer a government program but it’s owned by the people,” he said.

Kasolo also noted that it’s the district leaders who decide on whom to give the loan, who gets the money from the bank and who distributes it.

He further dismissed rumors that the program was a political move by the ruling government as it was introduced during election time, explaining that it is like any other Government programs and the President introduced it after doing thorough research and survey on why poverty still existed in the country.

Mayor Francis for Rubindi Rutooma Town council called upon district leaders to always provide them with timely information about Government programs so they can sensitize their electorates in time.

Mbarara North Produce dealers Emyooga SACCO also received their brand new Motorcycle as pledged by the Minister Kasolo to help the leaders in day to day running of the SACCO activities.

The Minister was accompanied by officials from the Micro Finance Support Center and Ministry of Finance.


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