Governor NATEMBEYA says he regrets daily picking ‘selfish’ PHILOMENA KAPKORY as his deputy – LOOK!

Monday, December 4, 2023 – Trans Nzoia County Governor, George Natembeya, has said he regrets daily picking Philomena Kapkory as his deputy.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Natembeya termed her deputy a selfish woman who always lies on public forums.

Natembeya recalled that when he picked Kapkory, she was rejected by, among other quarters, her own Sabaot community, even costing him votes from the tribe.

“They asked me why I had picked her. It is not good to incite the Sabaot community against me. I picked her as a bridge for the divisions that were there between the Sabaot and other tribes. Your complaints that you are being denied personal things are in bad taste.

 “I would like the Sabaot community to ask her if she has made any demands, such as roads or other needs for the community that have been rejected. I was not elected to fulfill individual demands,” he said.

However, on her side, Kapkory accuses Natembeya of threatening her for opposing some of his projects.

“I received personal threats which simply insinuated that I should not step in my office because I had become a persona non-grata. Those threatening me stated that they would deal with me if they would see me in office,” Kapkory stated.