November 30, 2020


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Governor Mutua comes to the aid of KCSE candidate who wrote letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta

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Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua has come to the aid of KCSE candidate who penned an emotional letter to President Uhuu Kenyatta.

The student sought for assistance to clear her fees arrears. In a letter dated 6th November, Philomena Mutheu requested the President to come to her rescue. She revealed that she was an orphan and was having trouble meeting her basic needs.

Philomena Mutheu is a student at St Mary’s school, Kithangaini, Machakos County. Her school had sent her home because she had not cleared her school fees. Her letter went viral after someone posted it on social media. Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua came across the letter.

The Governor empathized with Mutheu’s situation. He went ahead to narrate his experience and struggle.

“I have just seen the saddening letter by school girl Philomena. I feel her pain. When I was in form 2, I dropped out of school for lack of fees and was saved by a church elder who paid for me,” Governor Mutua said.

“I will personally ensure Philomena is back in school and gets to sit for her exams,” he added.

Governor Mutua said that Mutheu is just one of many students who can not pay their school fees. He noted that most of these students do not highlight their situation.

“This courageous girl has highlighted the plight of many poor students in all counties all over Kenya where we are supposed to have “free” primary & secondary school,”Alfred Mutua said.

President to the rescue

Mutheu is not the first person to address the president asking for help. In February this year, a young boy stuck in India wrote to the President as well. The boy was in need of brain surgery. He informed the President that he needs help to raise 3.5 million Kenyan shillings for a brain surgery.

President Uhuru Kenyatta intervened and he underwent the surgery a week later.

Source: Governor Mutua comes to the aid of KCSE candidate who wrote letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta