‘Glorifying prostitution’: Tweeps react to ‘This Body Works For Me’


South Africans took to social media this week to react to Showmax’s latest reality series This Body Works For Me which highlights the adult entertainment industry and sex workers.  

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I find a lot of problems with this #ThisBodyWorksForMe Well firstly I haven’t watched an episode but the concept of glamourizing people in the “sex industry” is just not it. I have no issue with their line of work but when it becomes easily accessible to kids hai cmon #showmax

— Stroke-my-mane (@ianthedon) November 24, 2022


On Wednesday, Showmax premiered a reality series called This Body Works For Me, which features seven South African sex workers and adult content creators.  

Two of the featured women Xoli Mfeka and Samke Nkwanyana reveal to City Press that they were both excited about the opportunity granted to them, though Mfeka adds that she was scared.  

“I am excited and scared at the same time. I really don’t know how to feel about it because I know it will come with a lot of heat, especially on social media. At first, I was, like, no, I am not going to do it, because I did not know what type of reality show it would be. But now that I have shot it, I do not regret it because everything that needed to happen has happened. Plus, people need to see a glimpse of the work I do.”  

Mfeka tells the publication that she had to drop out of university and she resorted to sex work because of unemployment.  

“I tried acting, modelling, and studying, but nothing was successful, so I decided to try OnlyFans, and it has worked out well,” she said.  

Mfeka adds that she’s been an OnlyFans content creator for three years now and said her mom was understanding.  

“The 27-year-old said she made enough money by just shooting content. She said that, in a good month, she would walk away with between R50 000 and R70 000. My boyfriend does get a little jealous, but he has never asked me to quit my job. Anyway, he manages my OnlyFans account, so he understands and likes doing it.”  

Qualified teacher and sex worker Nkwanyana tells the publication that she was worried about the backlash she was going to receive because of some things she said on the show.  

d“The show opened a can of worms for me. I did not realise that I had so many childhood traumas. I have never had an easy life. I have even used drugs and alcohol to cope with depression and suicidal thoughts,” admitted Nkwanyana.  

“My mom had boyfriends who took care of us. She was not doing sex work, but people on Facebook revealed that she also sold content. There was an Indian guy who was my blesser while I was still in varsity. He would ask for videos and pictures, then pay me for that. I thought if it’s that easy [to make money] let me go on Twitter because I had 20 000 followers then,” she clarified.  

The mother of two says she doesn’t plan on being an adult content creator forever, but that she would never go back to teaching. 

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Lol end of days when we start glorifying prostitution and etc…U realise sekudayiswa something sacred, it was called private parts sisakhula for a reason..Was not meant ukubonwa ngu wonke wonke..Also how do u cleanse so many energies, Sex is afrer all a Spiritual Exchange!…

— Kris PowerPoint (@Krispowerpoint) November 23, 2022


The Showmax Original reality series This Body Works For Me goes behind the scenes of South Africa’s thriving adult entertainment industry. The series is not for sensitive viewers, This Body Works For Me follows seven women working in South Africa’s adult entertainment industry:  

Xoli is Africa’s self-proclaimed “biggest porn star”  

Wandi is the uncensored hook-up girl and aspiring porn star  

Nelly is a musician turned exotic dancer who has her eye on taking over Africa  

Samke is the sweet yet controversial Twitter and OnlyFans star  

Gina is the new exotic dancer who’s come to make a name for herself in the city of Joburg  

Primadonna is the super-confident exotic dancer and aspiring rap artist  

Bubbly is a former exotic dancer and aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch what she refers to as a “sexy spa”. 

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When the Nigerian brother said “ I want you to open a account for me” I died#ThisBodyWorksForMe pic.twitter.com/QP1tgAS3VN

— Sandilemolaba (@Sandilemolaba_) November 24, 2022

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‘This Body Works for Me’ coming to Showmax. Image: Supplied.

haibo, girlies go through a lot yaz
“I can give you maybe R100 000 in installments”

— Olwethu (@Olwethu_Me) November 24, 2022

It’s doing the opposite of glamourizing… So many girls on Twitter are talking about how these girls are broke and are struggling while doing sex work. One tweet even said that a 9 to 5 is better, one girl said they’re desperate like forex people

— Zeze Zeze (@ZezeZez62721549) November 24, 2022

These women are poor. Sex work is exploitative. You can’t convince me that they are better paid than nurses, teacher and administrative assistants. They are just exposing themselves to crime and violence for a small fee . #ThisBodyWorksForMe https://t.co/jWJ3h6UdR5

— Mufumakadzi wa Muvenḓa (@MurielMakulana) November 25, 2022

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