Ghanaian football administrator vows not to honor Ghana FA Ethics Committee invite 

Kofi ManuEmbattled Ghanaian football administrator Kofi Manu has said that he will not appear before the Ghana FA Ethics Committee.The former Aduana Stars Chief Eexcutive Officer has been banned for one year from participating in all football related activities.The GFA Ethics Committee in its meeting held on December 10 2020, found the astute football administrator guilty of breach of article 18 of the GFA Code of ethics 2019 (Duty to Cooperate) which imposes a duty to assist and cooperate truthfully, fully and in good faith with the ethics committee at all times, and not to take any action actually or apparently intended to obstruct, evade or otherwise interfere with any actual or potential ethic Committee proceedings.In the GFAs letter they invited Kofi Manu to their last sitting on 30th December, 2020.Kofi Manu who has been banned by the Ghana FA for non compliance to proceedings of the Ethics Committee has vowed not to attend any of the invite because the Committee is not properly instituted.I wouldnt go until they do the right thing. They can ban me 200 years it will not affect me. I am going to respond to this their ban within the next three daysMeanwhile, the football Administrator allegedly indicted the GFA capo Kurt Okraku is witch-hunting him even after playing a major role in getting the GFA presidential elections underway.I am personalizing the issue because I know and I have evidence he (Kurt Okraku) is behind all these. As a president of an association, you should be the first custodian of our statutes, to respect the statutes. So if you breach non-discrimination and equity provisions act, by now you should be appearing before the ethics committee and have been banned for about three years.You cannot be inviting people to this kangaroo court. We are not in Military regime. There are laws that are to be followed. If you follow the laws, I will also stay in my lane. Me Kofi Manu, nobody can do me anything, he added