Gen. Katsigazi Orders DPCs to Crack Whip on Noisy Bars, Churches

The Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj.Gen. Geoffrey Katsigazi Tumusiime has ordered Regional and District Police Commanders to enforce regulations on noise pollution across the country.

In his first security press briefing, Gen. Tumusiime said that the law enforcement body has registered overwhelming reports regarding noise pollution from different parts of the country but mostly Kampala city.

He said that earlier this year, Police issued a statement indicating the role of the Environmental Police Unit, in the enforcement of noise ordinances, in close coordination with other agencies like NEMA and KCCA to purposely address the massive complaints from residents and other concerned persons, from mushrooming noise polluting facilities like bars, churches, construction sites, places of entertainment, residence parties among others.

“Due to the over whelming complaints to the Environmental Police Unit, we have now tasked all Territorial Commanders in all the 28 Police Regions, to administer the regulations on noise pollution and control.  All offices of RPCs, DPCs and D/CIDs are gazetted every two years as environmental inspectors, with powers and privileges to regulate environmental abuse.  We are therefore, tasking all RPCs, DPCs, and D/CIDs to liaise with the District and Local environment committees, to regulate all acts of noise pollution in their respective jurisdictions,” Maj. Gen. Katsigazi said.

In addition, he also ordered them to widen their awareness and sensitization drives on the recommended noise limits in all facilities and residential areas during day and night in their communities.

Meanwhile, the police commander revealed that the agency also has plans of engaging other stakeholders from Parliament, Judiciary, DPP, NEMA, NPA, to address concerns of physical planning, punishments and fines awarded by courts to violators, the licensing standards of facilities that emit noise etc to help promote a healthy environment to the public.

Relatedly, the new deputy commander of police revealed that there is a tremendous reduction in the public levels of vigilance towards terrorism threats saying that people are no longer exhibiting high levels of alertness as they go about their daily routines.

“In our security assessment and evaluations within the Kampala Metropolitan area, major towns and cities, there are high levels of complacency and relaxed behavior, poor access controls, lack of search and screening process at all venues, which is very dangerous,” he said.

Reports indicate that the level of alertness to terrorism has gone down tremendously to the extent that it is hard to see public premises, public transport, doing any body checks to deter carrying of bombs, illicit arms and other dangerous weapons by criminals which is dangerous in the midst of increased terror.

Gen. Katsigazi pointed out that the recent attacks on the Principal Judge, the deadly attacks at CPS, Parliament Avenue and Komamboga should act as eye openers to the public, emphasizing that the targets of terrorists are both civilians and security personnel.

“We must therefore, keep up the momentum in the fight against terrorism and closely monitor our surroundings. As a country, threats of ADF terrorist attacks must be taken seriously, especially in urban areas.  From now on, all public places must revive steps to body check any one accessing their premises.  These include; offices, business areas, hospitals, schools among others,” he said.

The LCs have also been asked to step up the long-tested practice of registering all people staying in their zones.

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