Game drives & hangovers: Inside Tamaryn Green’s bachelorette party

Medical doctor and former Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green is gearing up for her big day as she celebrated her bachelorette party this past weekend. 


Tamaryn Green is ready to walk down the aisle. She met her fiancé Ze Nxumalo in 2019. This was the same year The same year she graduated with her seven-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBChB) at the University of Cape Town. 

Ze popped the big question in April 2021 and the pair had their lobola negotiations in June 2021. Lobola is considered to be “bridal wealth” paid by the man to the family of his wife-to-be in the form of livestock or other means. 

The former Miss South Africa and Ze held their umembeso ceremony in August 2021. Umembeso is a process in the traditional Zulu wedding where the groom gives gifts to the bride’s family, following the lobola negotiations.

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Tamaryn’s friends threw her a Safari-themed party which included game drives and a cute hangover kit.. Take a look…

Screenshot of Tamaryn Green’s bachelorette party. Image via [email protected]

Screenshot of Tamaryn Green’s bachelorette party. Image via Instagram @tamaryngreen.

Screenshot of Tamaryn Green’s bachelorette party. Image via [email protected]

“I call them my Jozi crew. Thank you to all the ladies and bride squad for an incredible bachelorette weekend. It was truly something special. I have so much love for you all. ,” she captioned a photo.

Reflecting on her bachelorette weekend, Tamaryn said she is blessed and grateful.

“Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Nothing like a weekend away with loved ones to lift the spirits and remind you how blessed you are. This year started off very tough and unexpectedly so,” she wrote.

“With a new environment, busy work hours & just a lot going on, I found myself very distracted by the difficulties and struggling to enjoy and appreciate the moments leading up to one of the most special days of my life,” she continued.

“Thank you to my ladies for making me feel so special and getting the excitement going. God is so good,” she added.

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