Gabie Ntaate Faces Threat of Law Suit Over Contract Breach For Her Recently Concluded Concert

By BigEyeUg Team

Gospel artist Gabbie Ntaate and event organizers Refined Events have found themselves entangled in a legal battle over an unfulfilled contract.

Gabie Ntaate

The dispute centres around an exclusive sponsorship deal for Ntaate’s concert, “Cheza For Yesu,” where a certain brand paid a significant amount to support the event.

However, on the day of the concert, the expectations outlined in the contract were not met, leading to a potential lawsuit.

According to the lawyer representing the brand, the contract stipulated that the company would serve as an exclusive sponsor for the “Cheza For Yesu” concert.

In return for their financial support, the brand expected to have the opportunity to advertise its services during the event.

However, upon arrival, it became apparent that the arrangements were not as agreed upon.

Other individuals had already taken charge of the decorations, and the brand’s promotional opportunities were compromised.

As a result of the contract breach, the disappointed client has issued a letter expressing their intention to take legal action against Gabbie Ntaate and Refined Events, providing a four-day window for the parties involved to come together and resolve the matter amicably before resorting to court proceedings with hope that this timeframe will allow potential negotiations and discussions to find a mutually agreeable solution.

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