Free State horror: Mom convicted for the rape of her three-year-old son


This is absolutely unfathomable: A mother has been sentenced in the Bloemfontein High Court this week, after she was found guilty of committing horrific sexual offences again her own infant son. The 31-year-old Free State resident faced a litany of charges, including rape, that have put her behind bars for the foreseeable future.

Free State mother jailed for rape of young son

Crucially, testimony for the victim’s nine-year-old brother helped convict this monstrous mother. She will now be jailed for 18 years, after the accused was sentenced to the following.

Three years imprisonment on count 1 of Sexual Offences (Section 21).
Three years on count 2 of Sexual Offences.
Another three years on count 3 of Sexual Offences (Section 7).
Eight years for attempted murder.
And 18 years for rape. All sentences will run concurrently.

Bravery of brother hailed by SAPS

SAPS has issued a statement on the matter on Friday, condemning these unspeakable acts of child abuse. Prosecuting officials have praised the bravery of the sibling, who witnessed these traumatic crimes.

“The Mangaung metro family violence child protection and sexual offences unit used the testimony of the elder brother, who was nine years old at the time the offences were committed, to achieve justice for his younger brother who was only three years old.”

“The court sentenced the accused to 18 years’ imprisonment on count five, rape. All other sentences will run concurrently with the rape sentence. A number of sexual assault charges and an attempted murder charge have also been filed.”

SAPS statement

Free State rape case leaves South Africans reeling

The mother cannot be named, in order to protect the identity of her children. Though many will argue that the sentence should be longer, this is a serious conviction – and justice has been secured for the victims.

#sapsFS On 23/02, Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court sentenced a 31yr-old accused to 18 years in prison for attempted murder, rape and other sexual Offences committed against her own son, aged 3, in 2018. #ActAgainstAbuse #Sentencing ME

— SA Police Service (@SAPoliceService) February 25, 2022

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