Four SA TikTok couples we love – and live vicariously though [video]

As the world celebrates the month of love,  we draw inspiration from the local TikTok power couples through which many live vicariously. 

At this time of year especially, we look to the video sharing platform for content that features cute dance videos, partner pranks and everything in between.

An ever-growing number of TikTok creators are jumping on the couple’s content trend, producing videos featuring their significant others – a movement that has boosted the hashtag #couplegoals to over 174 billion views on the platform.

Some of the most viewed couple’s content includes behind-the-scenes-style footage of their lives together and videos of the pairs participating in challenges that make them the envy of TikTok’s community of singles.  There’s also much in the way of content that focuses on relationship advice and couples who share their experiences and give their audience something to aspire to.

Ready to meet some of these creators? If heart-warming, loved-up content is what you’re after, these are the Mzansi couple creators who are definitely worth a follow.


Currently sitting at over 720,000 TikTok followers, this couple has grown on the platform by demonstrating that love knows no cultural bounds.

This crowd-favourite couple does nearly everything together and the latest video of them singing together will melt your heart.

@da_future7 We were made for each other . #fyp #forphiwe ♬ Dali Nguwe – Master KG


These love birds spend so much time together that they have started looking alike! This has led to the couple putting a disclaimer on their combined TikTok page stating that they are not brothers.

Always sneaking in a kiss or two, you can’t help but fall in love with this pair.


No kisses

♬ original sound – vanessa


Next is a dance couple from Cape Town who are always busting a move or two. From co-ordinated outfits to in-sync dancing, this couple is serving proper couple goals – and we’re here for it.

@matthew_j_power Have a good weekend #mattjpower #couple @reece_c_lewis ♬ Big Flexa – Costa Titch


Last but not least, is comedian and singer Pd Jokes and girlfriend, Megan who always show the playful side of their relationship with hilarious TikTok videos.

What’s love without fun and good vibes?

@pd_jokes Babe [email protected]_nobuhle #pdjokes ♬ Beyoncé x LuTy – 1LuTy

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