Former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki Dies at 90


Former President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki has died aged 90, President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed.

Kibaki who served as the country’s third president from 2002 to 2013.

passed away on Friday.

Kenyatta while announcing the passing, also ordered the Kenyan flag to be flown at half-mast beginning Friday until Kibaki is buried.

The former president will be given a state funeral, President Kenyatta said.

“The President, the Deputy-President, the Chief Justice, Cabinet Secretaries, the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Speaker of the Senate, Kenya’s Diplomats abroad and whomsoever else is so authorized by law, shall not fly the national flag on their official motorcade from today until sunset on the day of his interment.” Kentatta further directed.

He further described the former President as a brilliant debater and an earnest friend to many.

“We remember the values by which he lived, the ideals he embraced, his dignity and diligence, his candour and concern for the well being of all Kenyans,” Uhuru said.

“His contributions as minister of finance and vice president saw Kenya’s economy grow steadily fuelled by a commodities boom as well as fiscal and monetary policies that were the backbone of his economic philosophy.”

Kibaki is survived by four children Judy Wanjiku, Jimmy Kibaki, David Kagi and tony Githinji.


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