Former Governor Obado to lose properties worth Ksh235M

Former Migori Governor Okoth Obado is set to lose property worth Ksh 235 million fraudulently acquired through proceeds of corruption.

The move follows a High Court order that gave anti-graft agency EACC the green light to do so saying attempts by parties to have the matter settled out of court did not materialize.

Following Justice Esther Maina’s orders, EACC is set to sell eight prime properties.

The properties include Loresho Ridge House with a market value of Ksh40 million, a commercial block known as Sunrise Centre in Suna East worth Ksh88 million, 5-storey residential blocks each with a total of 20  two-bedroom units with a market value of Kshh57.6 million and two apartments in Greenspan worth Ksh9 million each.

Others are a residential property in Kamagambo worth Ksh10 million, another developed two single-storey residential blocks with eight one-bedroom units worth Ksh7.5 million, maisonette in Nairobi worth Ksh14.5 million.

In the suit, EACC had told the court that the properties including a Ksh.40 million home in Nairobi’s Loresho estate belong to Obado and his associates and are proceeds of corruption and unexplained wealth stolen from Migori County Government.

The commission has instituted two suits against the former governor, his children, and proxies.

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