Focus on ‘Book of Kah’, a 3D animated Kenyan series

The story uses the genres of African fantasy, magic and space adventure to craft a compelling and unique Kenyan series.


Book of Kah is an animated series that revolves around powerful entities like Adazia, The Immortal Xaens, Djakaeff, Narmer, Dzumuzid, Kaasan Milug to create a fantasy Afro-futuristic tale that explores what makes good or evil in a world with unrestrained power and freedom. The 24-episode series uses a pay-per-view model for anyone interested in watching.

Starring Brenda Ngesao as Adazia, Alfred Munya as Kasa Milug, Kieran Ratanya as Marcos and Sharama Chombo as Djakaeff, episode one is available to watch for KSh.100 on the Book Of Kah platform.

Speaking to KBC’s weekly programme Cinemas and Theatre, the series’ director Albert Omwenga explains the vision behind the series and what it takes to craft a 3D animation.

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