Five Tricks Women Use To Fake Pregnancies- Check It Out

When it comes to the art of deception, women have proven to be in a comfortable lead. Let’s take the Christian Bible for instance, Eve managed to manipulate Adam into eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. What else can’t women do?

Well, this article is going to bring out five tricks women use to fake pregnancies.

1. Using a red pen/ red marker to draw lines on a pregnancy test kit: This is the oldest trick in the books of deception. All the woman has to do is buy a test kit and draw two lines that indicates she is pregnant. This will not only prove she is pregnant but also make the man believe her.


2. Using a different person’s fake pregnancy test kit: This is also quite common among ladies who have a lot of friends. All she has to do is get one of her pregnant friends to take the test and she will pass it off as hers and use it to deceive her gullible boyfriend and take money in return.


3. Passing off one pregnancy to more than one man: This is also another trick women who have multiple partners do to get more money. If she gets pregnant for one man, she is likely to pass the same pregnancy to four other guys she is dating just to get extra cash. There is a saying that only a mother knows the father of her child. This statement is so true it can’t be disputed.

4. Conniving with medical experts to fake pregnancies: This is also another trick women use. When they get a smart boyfriend who doesn’t fall for any of the tricks and insist on going with them to the hospital, this trick comes in. Even though it doesn’t often produce a positive result. At least 70% of the time, doctors or nurses help these women fake the pregnancies and get paid in return. All they have to do is use another person’s pregnancy results to tell deceive unsuspecting spouse.

5. The last trick women use to fake pregnancies is by putting fake clothes in their clothes while taking weight gain medications to make people think she is actually pregnant.

The advice to all men who don’t want to fall victim to all the above tricks is to conduct an independent DNA test on all their kids. When a woman tells you she is pregnant go with her to a hospital of your choosing to alleviate all your doubts .

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