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Festive season crime: Cele slams SA for undermining the police

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Festive season crime is a thing that we South Africans know all too well. You’re just trying to enjoy the festive break. But it seems the criminals are trying to catch their break too. Now, Police Minister Bheki Cele has issued a stern warning to criminals. SAPS’ safer festive season operation was officially launched in the North West on Friday. He’s also issued a rather worrying warning to South African citizens.

Festive season crime: Bheki Cele promises to make criminals run

Despite dealing with the looming suspension of the National Police Commissioner, SAPS says they’re focussing on GBV, border security, and keeping the roads safe this festive season. How are they going to do all of this, you ask? Well, they say the focus will be on visible policing.

Last year alone, close to 1500 people were killed on our country’s roads during the festive season.

“The aim here is to tell the criminals that we are around and that they must feel us, hear us, feel us and run,” said Cele.

And according to the minister, this will make sure that women, children, the elderly, and people of different sexual orientations are safe.

Where are the police? Cele says you should be careful what you wish for

Things weren’t all rosy and full of promises though. Cele also made sure he took the time to tear into South Africans who complain about and undermine the police.

“You ask, where are the police?. You know, one year, when you continue to undermine the role of the police. I’ll ask the commissioner to give every officer leave from 15 November to 15 January. Ya, what will you do then? On the streets from that period, there is no police at the station. They are all on leave. Then I’m sure you will stop this question and march to the president saying ‘bring back the police’. So respect the police. They are there for your peaceful Christmas on your holiday with your family.”

Police Minister Bheki Cele

Yeah, we’re not so sure threatening South Africans is totally the best way to deal with festive season crime…

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