Federation of Liberian Youth to Elect New Officials

MONROVIA – The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has announced its preparedness for the conduct of the General Assembly and election of new officials.

Addressing a news conference Wednesday January 5, 2022 in Monrovia, FLY Secretary General James Koryor  said the National Executive Committee  has set April 28-30, 2022  to conduct the General Assembly and Elections.

In demonstrating FLY preparedness for the General Assembly, Mr. Koryor said qualified individuals will be soon appointed as the National Elections Committee to conduct a transparent election.

The FlY  General Secretary  commended the Liberian government, particularly the Ministry of Youth and Sports  and the House and Senate committee on Youth and Sports for the level of support and partnership over the years.

“The Federation is pleased to  inform the general public and our constituents especially members organisation  and the youth-led organisation across Liberia about its pending nationwide county election and recruitment of staff members of its permanent secretariat and holding of its General Assembly later this year,”

“In keeping with FLY National Executive committee resolution No.001 series of 2021 dated December 6, 2021 was approved, adopting the calendar of event and budget for FLY counties election and general Assembly and attested by the chairman of the Board on january 4, 2022,” Koryor told news men.

He reiterated FLY’s commitment in working with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and young people in the country to have a free, fair and transparent election and beyond.

He disclosed that activities leading to the election and General assembly  will run from January 10th to April 30 the  day of the election.

“Things now different with our new constitution of 2018 that is why if you look at number 2 of the calendar  of even we talk about application of a permanent secretariat, going forward FLY will not be electing secretarial members  like the secretary general program manager and finance officer  these are professional people that will be recruited and hired,” Koryor said.

According to him, they are in the process of setting up a vetting committee to scrutinise  applicants for the various positions.

“The permanent Secretariat  will have the terndu  of four years and that is intended to have the issue of knowledge of staying in the institution , we have experience over the time where people come and served the federation get good knowledge about the federation and  than have to leave so this time we want to hired professional young people that will not be based on politice or election  but rather a professional environment where they can work,”

The FLY Secretary general said they are expecting the young people to remain peaceful going into the  election and even beyond because they are the ones that will lead the country soon.

When asked if the current leadership will be running for positions  Koryor said there is no  member of the leadership that has come out  to express their intention for a  position.

He was also quick to state that the constitution of the federation calls for any sitting official who wants to contest a post to resign his post before contesting  for an elected position something he said will be followed.

Koryor cautioned young to feel free to go into the process because the election will be fair and transparent.

He used the occasion to urge members of FLY to come and regularise  their statute , while also encouraging new organisation to take advantage of the process to be a part of FLY.

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