May 6, 2021


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Exposed! 6 Reasons Why A Woman May Cheat On You

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Cheating is a topic that many don’t find comfortable talking about, especially when it comes to women who are unfaithful or who cheat, but let’s face it, some women cheat!

Cheating is mostly said to be a man’s thing, where unfaithful men outnumber the ladies, but let’s be honest and real, women nowadays are cheating on their husbands/boyfriends too much, and it has come to a point where we should talk about it. Ama?

Well, one would wonder why a lady with dignity would stoop low to sleep with another man who is not her boyfriend or husband. It is for this reason that I sought to get some views from a few ladies and this is what I gathered from the talk.

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Check out some reasons that may lead a woman would cheat on her spouse.
1. When They Are Bored With Their Sex Life
Women can get bored pretty easily, and without some spice in their sex life, one can be lead to trying out something new with another man for more adventure. There are women who want to try out new styles in bed and maybe their men are not willing to let loose a bit, which may make them get bored with their men and when a new man comes along, they will not hesitate.

2. When A Woman Is Lonely
Loneliness may lead a woman to stray, especially if she is yearning for the pleasure and her man is never there. In a case where a man travels a lot and can even stay away for almost a month or two, she may find herself drawn into an emotional affair with another man, then it ends up being a sexual affair, to feel the void. For such a lady, cheating alleviates the feelings of loneliness and emptiness, more like a craving for connection.

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3. For Revenge After Being Cheated On
When a woman finds out that her man cheated on her, she may find it hard to forget, even if she had forgiven him. And some women may stay in that relationship but cheat on him to seek revenge. Even if a woman does not really want to do it, she may revenge just to even the score even if it will not help to heal the relationship. This is because she may feel that the rules she has been following are no longer relevant.


4. To Seek Attention And Adventure
A woman can feel less valued or taken for granted if she is not treated well like a lady should, with dates once in a while and vacations which involve wild sex escapades. A woman can get bored with duties, especially if she is married with kids, where she has to take care of the fam and her full-time job. If they don’t feel valued by their men, they may seek excitement, adventure and attention from another man who brings the opportunity along, more so if he is a bad boy so that she can get some excitement and appreciation.

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5. Just For The Trill Of It
Yes, there are women who just think cheating is cool and especially if they are never caught, they will want to paly around, maybe because she tries to solve things with their partner but he never listens. The woman may feel that she does not have a choice if a man takes her complaint lightly. She just wants the bird in her hand and the one in the bush and most times she’s deluded into thinking that she really can have both.

6. To Boost Her Ego/Low-Self Esteem
Some women tend to have low-self esteem issues, and if this happens when they are in a relationship, they feel insecure about themselves and may need to seek validation from others. This can be in the form of sexual, emotional, or intellectual attention. When she cheats with other men, they usually compliment her and makes her feel sexy in ways their current partner isn’t doing. Even if their husbands or boyfriends loves them greatly, they may still cheat because they find it hard to accept their unconditional love.


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