Exclusive: Murder Suspect, Ignatius Kabagambe, Caused Arrest of Obed Katureebe 

Ignatius Kabagambe, a Rwandan national who is wanted in Uganda over murder charges, created and sustained a false narrative on social media about Obed Katureebe’s conduct, leading to the latter’s arrest in Uganda.

Katureebe, a senior employee of Uganda Media Centre (UMC), was on Monday afternoon picked from his residence in Kyanja, a Kampala suburb, by armed officials from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). 

He is currently being held in a safe house in Kampala.

UMC boss, Ofwono Opondo on Wednesday said he was given “access” to Uganda Media Centre public affairs officer Obed Katureebe picked two days ago for protection by security because there’s an indication he could be harmed.”

Opondo further said Katureebe was “safe and well in a clean facility,” adding, “I have had a lengthy chat with him as matters are being handled professionally.” 

ChimpReports has learned that Katureebe was yesterday allowed to speak to his wife via telephone.

This was after this website broke the news that Katureebe had not spoken to his family 24 hours after being taken into custody.

While Opondo says Katureebe is receiving state protection, the state has not disclosed any information about the identities of who intends to harm the media centre official.

The family also was not informed in advance about the alleged threats against Katureebe’s life.

More so, Katureebe’s mobile handsets were taken by security immediately after being driven from his home in Kyanja.


This investigative website has since established that Katureebe was quizzed by military intelligence on reports that Katureebe was using a pseudonym (Gakwerere) to attack President Paul Kagame.

On Facebook, ‘Gakwerere’is known for hurling insults at Rwandan leaders, accusing them of all sorts of crimes. 

Katureebe denied the claims, saying they were part of a big witchhunt campaign waged by Ignatius Kabagambe, a top propagandist of the Rwandan government, to frame him. 

Sources say Kabagambe, who is wanted in Uganda over the murder of Hassan Semwogerere, a 19 year old lad killed in 2016, used to operate a bar in Ggaba, Kampala.

Kabagambe was arrested but later released on police bond. He would later flee back to Rwanda where he was appointed spokesperson of the University of Rwanda. 

Ignatius Kabagambe

The murder case file is registered as CRB 1380/2016.

Katureebe was a regular visitor at Kabagambe’s bar. The duo would later develop differences leading to a fallout. 

At one time, Kabagambe and his associates convinced Katureebe, a trained journalist, to travel to Rwanda to serve as the editor of the government mouthpiece, The New Times.

On arrival in Rwanda, Katureebe realised that Kabagambe had his own agenda of using Katureebe to run negative articles against Uganda.

Katureebe quietly fled Kigali and returned to Uganda. 

Since then, Katureebe and Kabagambe have been sworn enemies. 

In Rwanda, Kabagambe took centre stage in authoring and disseminating hateful and divisive propaganda on social media against Uganda’s First Family and senior government officials. 

It was during this period of bad relations between Uganda and Rwanda that Kabagambe viciously attacked Ugandan officials and sustained a narrative on social media that Katureebe was the mastermind behind ‘Gakwerere’ Facebook account. 

Museveni calls Katureebe 

This narrative was heavily sustained to the extent that Rwanda officially raised the matter in its communications to Uganda.

At one time, President Museveni called Katureebe to ask him about Rwanda’s accusations that he was the ‘Gakwerere’ on Facebook. 

Katureebe, according to State House officials, denied the claims, narrating to President Museveni how the entire narrative was hatched by Kabagambe for his selfish gain. 

Museveni promised to investigate the matter.

Kabagambe had toned down on his propaganda after Ugandan Land Forces commander, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and President Paul Kagame managed to restore bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries. 

Interestingly, moments after Katureebe was arrested, Kabagambe returned to Twitter to push his narrative. 

“Obed (Katureebe) is notorious for relentlessly insulting Paul Kagame through his Facebook page named after his deceased uncle, former Rwanda chief of intelligence Patrick Karegeya,” said Kabagambe on Twitter.

Obed is notorious for relentlessly insulting Paul Kagame thru his Facebook page named after his deceased uncle, former Rwanda chief of intelligence Patrick Karegeya. Lately he added Gen. Muhoozi to his list of most hated, accusing him of being close to PK. Hold him responsible.

— Ignatius R. Kabagambe (@KabagambeI) May 4, 2022

“Lately, he added Gen. Muhoozi to his list of most hated, accusing him of being close to PK. Hold him responsible,” he added.

Yet, Katureebe has been supportive of talks between Uganda and Rwanda. He recently authored an article in which he hailed Muhoozi and Kagame for mending ties.  

Observers say Uganda and Rwanda need to be careful in resolving their disputes as some wrong elements could be out to settle old scores, leading to the arrest and jailing of innocent people. 

“Personally, I have been wrongly labeled a vitriolic critic of the Rwandan government who hides my identity through the pseudo names of some blogger who identifies himself as RPF Gakwerere,” said Katureebe in a media article hailing Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Kagame for reviving bilateral ties between Uganda and Rwanda. 

“So sad that I also have no idea about this blogger,” he said, adding, “I chose not to respond to the several accusations by several trolls in Rwanda because I knew no amount of talk would exonerate me as long as the two countries were still having a standoff.”

Katureebe said since the standoff was over and “there are now honest conversations between the two governments and the era of greedy information merchants is over. No doubt soon the real Gakwerere will be known.”

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