EXCLUSIVE; Mbra’s Ray G hunting down Posha UG

By Reporter

Classified information we have landed on reveals how the top management of singer Ray G is busy hunting down fast rising star Posha UG for yet to be identified reasons.

A highly placed source based in Mbarara tells us that Ray G Top management have instituted a set of five people to make sure Posha UG is hunted down for a secret meeting.

A source however alleges that the recent stories that have been trending all over social media and mainstream media could be the reason Ray G sent for Posha UG’s head.

It should be noted that, in the news, it is alleged that Posha is somewhere in an unknown place issuing threats to release some dirty secrets of singer Ray G.

We are yet to talk to Posha UG for her comment.

Meanwhile, singer Posha UG recently released a hit dubbed Amashaza.


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