Exclusive: Boutross Drops Truth Bombs: “Women Are My Biggest Fans”

Exclusive: Boutross Drops Truth Bombs: “Women Are My Biggest Fans”

Kenyan singer and rapper (Shrapper) Boutross, real name Boutross Mwebia Munene, in an exclusive sit-down with Nairobi News, revealed intriguing insights about his music career, industry struggles, and future ambitions.

Known for his captivating tracks and charismatic persona, Boutross opened up about the secrets behind his success and the challenges he has faced along the way. Women, he says, are his biggest supporters, and their influence extends to the men around them.

“Men listen to my music because of their women. More women listen to my songs, and for sure they are my biggest fans,” Boutross revealed.

With his finger on the pulse of what fans want, Boutross acknowledges the power of female listeners in shaping his career. Judging by the number of hits under his belt, it is clear that Boutross understands his audience, and this insight into his fanbase is a testament to his understanding of the dynamics of music consumption and his ability to connect with listeners on a personal level.

Speaking about his current career focus, the ‘Angela’ hit maker shared the he is currently exploring with Caribbean sounds.

“It’s the sound I grew up listening to and so I want to take my music to that level. Currently, I am focused on the album I have right now, but my hope is that I will reach the level of Grammys,” He said.

Boutross isn’t just about local success; he’s eyeing the global stage. By experimenting with Caribbean sounds, he aims to diversify his music and reach a wider audience. This genre exploration is a homage to his musical roots and a strategic move to push his career to international heights. The Grammy dream is alive and well, and with his dedication, it seems like a plausible goal.

Boutross doesn’t shy away from discussing the harsh realities of the music industry. He candidly speaks about the financial struggles and the lack of support from industry leaders and the government. Instead of dwelling on these challenges, he focuses on the positive impact of social media and streaming platforms. This modern approach has allowed him to thrive independently, proving that artists can find success outside traditional systems.

“The music industry is straining, and as an artist, you would do yourself a huge favour by defining your path without depending on royalties and support from the Government. Being stuck on the back-and-forth pull between us the musicians and the industry leaders only leaves us bruised and bitter. The good thing is that social media and live streaming have been great tools in pushing my music personally. I am lucky to have been born in a generation where technology is advanced, so musicians my age don’t even care much about the pennies these people steal from us. We can’t live our lives complaining about it,” he told Nairobi News.

For Boutross, flexibility is key when it comes to collaborations. He further shared that he is open to working with any artist who brings quality to the table.

“Regarding collaborations, I don’t limit who I work with as long as they are good,” he said.

Success is sweet for Boutross, and he’s living proof that hard work pays off. His career has not only allowed him to achieve personal comfort but also to support those around him. His frequent travels and financial stability are the rewards of his dedication to his craft.

“The fruits of my labor make me an addict to my music every day. That’s what keeps me going. I have traveled abroad more times than I can count, pays my bills, I am living comfortably and so are my people. All this while still doing something I love,” the rapper remarked.

Despite his success, Boutross remains grounded and aware of the importance of maintaining his fanbase. He urges listeners to support his music on Spotify, highlighting the ongoing need for fan engagement in the digital age.

“My Spotify listeners are going down. I want people to subscribe and listen to my music.”