Every Ghanaian Will Get Covid19 Vaccine – Dr Dacosta Assures

Dr Dacosta Aboagye

Director of Health Promotion at the Ghana Health Service, Dr Dacosta Aboagye, has assured that every Ghanaian will benefit from the COVID-19 vaccine.

He reiterated that President Nana Akufo-Addo has established various teams to come out with ways in which Ghana can get the COVID-19 Vaccine and deployed.

He made this known while speaking on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show.

According to Dr Aboagye, the various teams were at the preparatory stage for a way to get the COVID-19 Vaccine as promised by the President.

“We are doing our preparation as a country to get the COVID-19 Vaccine to protect our citizens…no Ghanaian will be left behind and so it means that when we get the vaccine, every Ghanaian will benefit from the vaccine. We are currently at the preparatory stage looking for a way to get the vaccine”, he assured.

According to him, the Public Health and the Health Promotion departments at the Ghana Health Service were putting measures in place so as to get the COVID-19 Vaccine.

“We are still deliberating on how to distribute the COVID-19 Vaccine and it will be done based on the data generated by the Ghana Health Service during the pandemic. If you look at our data in terms of the disease state and in terms of death, you will realise that there are variants. The common population that gets the disease or the infection is between 20 to 49”, according to him.

He revealed that the team had recommended to the government that the first line of people to get vaccinated will be the health workers because they were always exposed to the virus.

“Persons who have hypertension, diabetes, or even cancers will be looked at; they will be the most likely group and we will look at the aged, the people more than 60 years”, he added.

According to him, Ghana was looking at different vaccines from around the world, with some of them being the Covax, Chinese and Russia vaccines.

He said Ghana country has made a submission to the Covax facility.

By Melvin Tarlue

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