May 18, 2021


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Eve Esin keeps mum on husband snatching allegation

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By Gbenga Bada


NOLLYWOOD actress, Eve Esin has kept mum on the allegation of snatching her friend’s husband, Chijioke Nneji.

Following allegations by Instagram page, Gistloverblog, the actress has remained silent over the raging allegation.

However, Nneji, who is also a movie producer, has reacted to the claims by the gossip page and his ex-wife, Uche Uganda Lovett.

Nneji stated in a long Instagram post that Esin and Lovett were never close friends nor did they have any form of friendship.

The allegation which has continued to gain traction from gossip and fans seem not to bother or move the actress, who has remained silent despite being active on her social media handles.

In a recent post on Wednesday, November 18, Esin threw what some has tagged a shade as she celebrated herself. “Woman Crush Wednesday, Me, Queen Eve. Welcome to my world! Una too like stories. Here, we don’t lock pages. Here, we don’t restrict comments. Comments from fake accounts get deleted and blocked.

Say your mind using a real account, it’s free for all page. Lastly, I choose what energy I vibe to. Have fun,” she wrote on her Instagram page.