Esperance and CAF win against Wydad

The Court of Arbitration of Sports has dismissed an appeal by Wydad Atletic Club of Morroco. The report confirms the decision by the Appeals Board of CAF to maintain the results of 201819 finals.

“The CAS Panel found in particular that the WAC’s players decision not to resume play after the interruption of the final in the 59th minute of the game constituted an abandonment in the sense of Article 148 of the CAF Disciplinary Code and that the CAF Appeals Board was correct in confirming, by its Appealed Decision, the Disciplinary Board’s decision to declare that the WAC lost the return leg of the final by forfeit. Accordingly, the CAS Panel dismissed the appeal,” The CAS statement said.

Esperance Sportive de Tunis vs. Wydad Casablanca - Football Match Report -  May 31, 2019 - ESPN

As a result of the CAS decision, Esperance Sportive de Tunis maintains their status as the champions of the CAF Champions League for 2018/19 season.

Moreover, the report is pronounced without costs, except for the CAS Court Office fee of CHS 1,000 (One Thousand Swiss Francs) paid by Wydad which has been retained by CAS.

In addition, Wydad has been ordered to pay CAF and Esperance an amount of CHF 3,000 (Three Thousand Swiss Francs) each as a contribution towards the legal fees and other expenses incurred in the relation to the proceedings.

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