June 17, 2021


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Eng. Mugisha: NWSC is Committed to Improving Water Availability for all Ugandans

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Eng. Silver Mugisha, Managing Director National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC) has assured Ugandans of the Corporation’s strategic plan to cover all areas in the Country with safe running water.

Addressing water issues during a Capital FM talk show, Mugisha revealed that NWSC is committed to enriching Ugandans with safe and clean water hence fulfilling its mandate in accordance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 6.

Mugisha noted that NWSC is in safe hands and Ugandans should trust the team behind the cooperation for the desired services.

He applauded the Ugandan government and partners for the overwhelming support rendered to the institution over the years.

“We have strong support from government, executives to be precise and not forgetting the Parliament. We applaud Government for not only giving us funds but also paying their bills. It’s one of the good payers of our water bills. When we take our plans to parliament, they are okay to help us,” Mugisha said.

“Our esteemed customers have been very supportive too, they pay their bills, always keeping our bill collection efficiency above 95 percent.”

Mugisha also said that people should be assured that NWSC is on the right progressive track and that those who are enjoying the service already should expect better services.

He further called upon Ugandans to stay calm and stop listening to individuals criticizing the institution’s good progress.

“One thing all Ugandans and most especially our loyal customers shouldn’t wait to be told, is to avoid paying any attention to those few individuals who want to propagate their own interests.”

Mugisha stated that in a few years to come, NWSC services will be all over the country.

“We are optimistic, in the next few years, we will definitely have reached everywhere with clean and safe water for everyone. As NWSC, we are also doing some good work on sewage. Though it’s quite expensive given the revolve we have, we are going to ensure that we tackle that area and make sure that Ugandans have access to safe sanitation services,” Mugisha added.

NWSC is currently traversing the entire Country equipping people with clean and safe water as well as good sewage treatment systems under its Water improvement projects.

Some of the water projects currently underway include Busia, Ajumani, Isingiro-Mbarara, Masaka, Hoima, Rukingiri and Kacheka industrial park among others.

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