#EndSARS: Actor, Daniel Edah condemns destruction, looting by hoodlums

Ghanaian-Nigerian actor, Daniel Edah has condemned the destruction as well as lootings that marred the peaceful #EndSARS protests in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

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Recall that hoodlums hijacked the peaceful protests, causing mayhem and destroying public and private properties across the country, including the burning of police stations.

Edah who is of Nigerian descent expressed shock and disappointment that the peaceful protests in several states especially Lagos, turned into a destruction and looting spree after hoodlums and thugs hijacked it under the nose of the government.

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Fondly called Deo, the founder and CEO of Deo Productions,  Edah who participated in the #EndSars protests held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, called on “the government to show transparency by getting to the root of it all.”

He said, “Investigations should be carried out to trace and track down the perpetrators of these dastardly acts. It is disheartening that in Nigeria a lot of the masses go hungry daily and undergraduates find it hard to get jobs.

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“Things don’t work the way it should because poverty levels are high in the country, it is totally unacceptable that citizens still have to lose not just lives but properties as well.”

While he condemned the people who went to the Oba of Lagos’ palace to destroy things, loot and cart away his staff of authority, he urged our traditional leaders to hold politicians and government accountable for their electoral promises made during campaigns.

He mandated the “youth to take more active roles in politics and governance by getting registered for their permanent votes card so they can vote in 2023. Casting your vote is the only way to ensure true democracy and that the right people are elected.”


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