Emulate The Good Example of Senator Cyrus

By Paul M. Kanneh | 

We have not agreed with the common assertion that politics is a dirty game. As a matter of fact, dirty politics is only play by dirty actors. Monitoring Momo Cyrus and his team campaigned throughout the 2023 election; we observed that they were the only popular group that ran a cleaned, healthiest and decent campaign. Unlike others who denigrated their own culture, Senator Cyrus and his supporters ran a clean political campaign without insults, brutality and character assassination of their opponents as well as those supporting them.

It has to be admitted that we truly admired the new Senator of Lofa and his supporters in all aspect of the 2023 campaign cum electoral season. They did not have to disrespect the Lofa culture or tradition to win election. They campaigned on the basis of track record and decency taking into consideration the cultural environment in which they found themselves. These are leaders we should crave to have and give them our best support. To Senator Cyrus, our eyes are still on you in the discharge of your official duties. It is our hope you will continue to be a humble, respectful, and cultural sensitive as you serve the people of Lofa county and yea Liberia.

For us, we have taken keen interest in the way Senator Cyrus has chosen to conduct himself as a man of the people through his act of civility and decency for all and sundry especially his political opponents. Furthermore, the new Lofa County Senator has convinced us that political campaign can be competitive but yet peaceful without the usual rants.

We are reminded by how Representative Clarence Massaquoi conducted himself in district #3. People may not like all about him, but the former Representative administered a decent leadership; going for 12 years without instigating chaos against his opponents or certain segment of his constituent. He too remained peaceful throughout his official duty and tenure.

While it is still very early, Senator Cyrus has convinced us that he is a true son of Lofa County, who received the local training and discipline that Lofians across the world are noted for. He is cultured and knows his limitation-easy to detect when something is amiss; the real mark of a true son of the soil.

Along this line and within this context, we want to encourage other leaders to emulate the good example of Senator Momo Cyrus and former Representative Clearance Massaquoi, and do all they can to refrain from indecent politicking in Lofa County.

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