Employee goes into hiding after company pays him R2.9m instead of R9k

Another person has received a giant lump sum after being accidentally overpaid. According to reports, an unnamed Chilean employee has gone into hiding after his company sent 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (R2.9 million) into his account as opposed to his normal salary of 500,000 Chilean pesos (R9k).

Authorities are now searching for the man who appears to have gone into hiding and seemingly has no intention to return the funds.

Chilean employee runs off with R2.9m after it was mistakenly sent to his account

Frozen food manufacturers CIAL Alimentos is on the search for an unnamed employee who received a mistake payment of R2.9 million while his employees were trying to pay him his salary.

According to Briefly News, the Chilean man went into hiding after receiving the payment which he initially reported to his deputy manager who reported the matter to the company’s Human Resources Department.

HR then asked him to visit his bank to reverse the transfer but instead of doing that, he never pitched up for work and started ignoring calls and messages from his place of employment.

Shortly afterwards he sent in a resignation letter.

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Criminal complaint is made

The company has since filed a criminal complaint against the employee but no arrests have been made.

They are now accusing the MIA employee of misappropriating funds.

Meanwhile, a small town in Japan faced a similar fate when one of the community members received a bulk of their COVID-19 relief funds.

The man who received the money disappeared shortly after he discovered that the mistake transaction had taken place. He was described by his neighbours as a good person who had already paid his rent before he received the money.

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