Emma Watson sparks romance with fellow Oxford scholar

Emma Watson sparks romance with fellow Oxford scholar

Emma Watson has always stood out from the typical Hollywood crowd. Known for her roles in Harry Potter and her work as an environmental activist, she consistently forges her own path.


Now, the actress and UN ambassador has taken on a new challenge: a part-time Master’s degree at the prestigious Oxford University.

And it seems she has discovered love along the way, according to the Tatler.

Emma Watson is reportedly dating Kieran Brown, a PhD student at Oxford. He’s pursuing his doctorate in 19th-century literature and economics.

They recently spotted the pair on a romantic date at Gail’s Bakery in Oxford.


Witnesses saw them sharing pastries and deep conversation, looking every bit the smitten couple.

A source close to Watson revealed, “Emma and Kieran met through mutual friends at Oxford. They quickly bonded over their shared love of literature.

She’s studying creative writing, and his thesis is on literary theory. They have a lot in common.”

Watson dressed casually for the outing, wearing a cable knit jumper, a red scarf, and a baseball cap.

The date marked their first public appearance as a couple, according to E News.


This new romance comes after Watson’s split from Brandon Green, the son of fashion mogul Sir Philip Green.

Emma Watson and Brandon had a serious relationship that lasted 18 months.

The couple often appeared together at high-profile events and exotic getaways, according to Daily Mail.

Their split left fans heartbroken, but Watson seems to have moved on with grace and optimism.

The source added, “Kieran differs significantly from Brandon.”

“He’s more academic and less in the public eye. But that’s exactly what Emma needs right now.


She focuses on her studies and her career, and Kieran understands and supports that.

Emma Watson has always been one to juggle multiple roles with ease.

Between her acting career, activism, and now her academic pursuits, she has a full plate.

Yet, she manages to balance it all while finding time for romance.

Her relationship with Kieran is a testament to her ability to prioritise what matters most to her.


The couple’s recent date wasn’t their only public display of affection.

Just days before, observers spotted them kissing in the street after lunch in London.

Their low-key and intimate moments have been the talk of the university.

The media widely publicized Watson’s previous relationship with Brandon Green.

The couple was first linked in September 2021 when they were photographed together in Battersea.

They were later seen enjoying a romantic break in Venice.


Despite their shared interest in environmental causes, the relationship ended.

Emma Watson hinted at her ‘Saturn return’ as a factor in the split.

This is a period astrologically significant for personal growth and change.

In an Instagram post marking her 33rd birthday, Watson reflected on her journey.

“This is 33. Holy moly. Before 29, I hadn’t even heard of a Saturn return as a concept.

Now, I am well acquainted,” she wrote. She added that she had “learned more about love and being a woman.”


Emma Watson appears to have put any heartbreak behind her.

Her relationship with Kieran is a fresh start, filled with late-night study sessions and shared intellectual pursuits.

As she continues her Master’s degree at Oxford, Watson seems happier than ever.


Emma Watson’s journey is a reminder that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

For her, it’s the historic halls of Oxford University, where she’s not only expanding her mind but also her heart.

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