Ellembelle: Armah-Kofi Buah connects seven cocoa communities to electricity

The Member of Parliament for Ellembelle, Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah has connected seven communities in the northern part of the constituency to the national electricity grid.

The electrification process had commenced under the Rural Electrification Project but was abandoned after 2016.

Speaking at Kwasikrom to commission the new electrification project, Armah-Kofi Buah said because the project was abandoned after 2016, but he has to personally finance the electrification process.

The MP urged the beneficiary communities to put the provided electricity to good used to merit the sacrifices made in connecting them to the power grid.

“I had to do this for the people. The light we have brought here that we are celebrating, we need to study how to use it to make it relevant. If you don’t need it, don’t leave your gadgets connected to power, make sure you don’t waste it, else your electricity bills will be piling up. Again, we must educate our children against abuse of the electricity, so that we can all comply and simply off the lights whenever we don’t really need it”.

While justifying the need to provide the cocoa farming communities with electricity, he also commended the electricians who made it possible.

“The credit goes to these hard-working young men [contractors and engineers]. You have spent many hours in this forest, just because, you want Ghanaians in this area who produce cocoa for Ghana to basically feel that they are also part of Ghana. To make sure they have access to electricity. Today, it is a dream come through, because, I believe that people who are hard-working cocoa producers have every right to enjoy as every Ghanaian. We have not finished. Today, we have brought you Akosombo, we are going to make sure that we complete this hard work of connecting them with roads tarred, that is our goal.“

The seven beneficiary communities include Boahenekrom, Kwasikrom, Adjeikrom, Ewerekokrom, Aidosuazo, Muntakwa and Santaso.

This brings the number to sixteen communities in Ellembelle that have so far received electricity through the leadership of Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah.

The Rural Electrification Project was pioneered during Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah’s tenure as Minister for Energy and subsequently Petroleum in 2016.

However, immediately the erstwhile government lost power, the contractor who was engaged for the project then abandoned the work despite its significance to the development of the Cocoa growing communities.

He, therefore, encouraged the people to vote for the continuation of such developmental projects on December 7th.

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