Elections are about regime change, not pledges-Mao

DP Presidential candidate Nobert Mao campaigning in Wobulenzi town on Sunday

Nakaseke, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  The Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Nobert Mao says that 2021 General Elections are about the desire for change not promises.

While campaigning in Luwero district recently, National Resistance Movement Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni told residents about what his government has achieved in the last 34 years and the projects he intends to do once re-elect for another term. 

But Mao says that the major objective of the 2021 elections is not about the projects that government intends to do but the desire to vote Museveni out of power. 

While campaigning in Luwero and Nakaseke districts on Sunday, Mao said that he has heard Museveni struggling to talk about projects he intends to do once he is re-elected and some of which are petty like emyooga forgetting that people are much interested in a change of leadership now.

Mao said that poor countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi have witnessed peaceful power transfers but questioned why Uganda is yet to see any.

He says that since President Museveni has retarded the development of the country, residents should vote for him to steer the country in transition.

He, however, reiterated that they are in talks with agents of change to form the joint front to cause this much-needed change by Ugandans.

Mao campaigned in Kapeeka, Nakaseke, Wobulenzi and Luwero town councils, where residents concurred with Mao on change saying they are tired of President Museveni because he has overstayed in power and aged.

Others criticized Museveni over poor service delivery, unfulfilled pledges, and high unemployment rates among the youths.

Mike Nsubuga a resident of Luwero town said that Museveni has nothing new to deliver and it is the right time to vote for a new leader to steer the country. 

Nsubuga added that Museveni has been reshuffling Ministers every term and questioned why he must be retained in power.

Swalik Kasule another resident said that he has seen only one President since he was born and feels it is time for new leadership.

Ivan Ssengomba another resident said that the few projects which Museveni is boasting of have been shoddily executed and others collapsed a few months after completion.

He also accused Museveni of failing to fulfil several pledges he has made to the country.

However, residents said that the much-desired change can only be delivered by NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and asked Mao to join him in the struggle.

Mao is expected to proceed with his campaigns in Nwoya district on Monday.



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