July 24, 2021


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Either the attacks stop or I will defend my integrity – Amidu to government

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Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has threatened to respond publicly to the attacks he has allegedly received in the aftermath of his resignation.

Contrary to his earlier position of not wanting to grant any press interviews about his resignation, Mr Amidu says if the attacks on his life persist he will be compelled to speak out in order to defend his integrity.

 “I am being pushed by so-called responses to me which contain blatant falsehood to speak. But I do not want anybody to blame me when I speak out and it becomes unpalatable.”

“Either the attacks stop or I will defend my integrity. It is something I won by dint of hard work from the PNDC to date and I’m not going to allow anybody even the president to put that integrity into the mire”.

Martin Amidu, on Monday, November 16, resigned from his position three years after he was appointed by President Akufo-Addo, stating untenable conditions.

Martin Amidu, amongst other claims, accused the government of failing to ensure the independence and freedom of his office in the execution of its constitutional mandate.

The former Attorney General who prides himself in his hard-won reputation described himself as “a poor man who has tried to keep a straight and narrow path and crusaded against corruption without asking for payment”.

Mr Amidu in an interview on Citi News maintained that the fight against corruption is “mere rhetoric” adding that the threats he has received in the wake of his resignation are a prime example of corruption fighting back.

Nonetheless, the ‘Citizen Vigilante’ says if pushed, he will respond to these attacks by going public “without fear or favour even to the extent that if my life will be laid for speaking the truth and defending the constitution of Ghana as by law established I will do so”.

He believes that as a private citizen, he can no longer be “controlled” and has the right to “defend the constitution of Ghana as by law established”.

“Corruption, and corruption related offences are forbidden by the constitution and assessment of anti-corruption and something allowable under the constitution and must not be subsumed under personal attacks. It must stop.

“Let’s stop it before we wash our dirty linens in public,” he concluded.