EC Kick-Starts Process to Replace Oulanyah

The Electoral Commission has commenced the process of electing the new MP for Omoro County Constituency to replace the late Hon Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah.

Oulanyah, who passed away on March 19th in the US, represented Omoro in Parliament from 2001 to 2005, and later from 2011 until his death last month.

From 2011 he was elected Deputy Speaker of Parliament, until last year when he was elevated to the speaker’s seat.

Last week, the Clerk of Parliament officially informed the Electoral Commission about the Omoro constituency parliamentary vacancy, and in turn, the Commission has now approved the by-election process.

On Monday next week, the Commission is expected to address the press in Gulu to officially announce the commencement of the by-election exercise.

Yesterday, April 6th, the Commission Secretary Leonard Mulekwah wrote to the various political parties, asking them to prepare for the looming election.

The parties were asked among others to nominate persons who will serve as agents during the by-election and others who will observe the election process.

According to the tentative program released by the Commission, the election of the new Omoro County MP will be held at the end of May.

On Thursday, next week, the Commission will kick-start the process of updating the voters register, which will last 6 days.

The register will then be displayed at the different polling stations from Monday April 26th to Wednesday May 4th.

Nomination of the candidates is scheduled for May 12th and May 13th, while the campaigns will run from Monday, May 16th to Tuesday, May 24th.

The elections will be held on May 26th.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the ruling NRM party has been mooting fronting the Late Oulanyah’s son, Mr Andrew Ojok, to replace his father in the parliamentary seat.

Hon Anthony Akol, the chairman of the Acholi Parliamentary Group revealed early this week, that he had been tasked by Speaker of the House, Hon Anita Among to “make sure that one of the family members should be the next Member of Parliament.”

As such, other MPs including Hon Betty Amongi, asked Mr Ojok to start preparing himself for the race to replace his father.

“The Speaker of Parliament called me and said ‘you people that are close, work very hard to make sure you build consensus so that we have that boy’. I will be in Minakulu, and Minakulu to Omoro is a 10 to 20-minute drive and we shall deliver you. From today onward begin to package yourself for politics,” she said.

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