EACJ Hails Uganda’s AG Kiryowa for Quality Work

The head of East African Court of Justice (EACJ) has praised Uganda’s Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka, for his quality of work and appearing before the regional court in person instead of always delegating. 

“On behalf of the EACJ, I convey our sincere appreciation for the initiative of designating a team in your office, in charge of East African Community (EAC) affairs and appearing in person together with Senior Advocates before the EACJ,” said Justice Nestor Kayobera.

Unlike in the past when Attorney Generals would delegate legal officers to represent the government in sensitive cases, Kiryowa has been personally attending regional court sessions.

He recently represented the government in a case in which non-governmental organizations were trying to stop the oil pipeline project at EACJ.

Kiryowa also physically defended the government against lawyer Male Mabiriizi’s petition challenging the 2021 election.

“The quality of advocacy exhibited during our last session speaks for itself,” said Justice Kayobera in a letter to Kiryowa dated February 25, 2022. 

“This indeed shows the interest and value you (Kiryowa) give not only to the EAC affairs but also to this honorable court,” Justice Kayobera emphasized. 

Kiryowa is currently on a sabbatical from K&K Advocates as he serves as the Attorney General of Uganda, a post he assumed in June 2021.

Commonly referred to as “KK”, Kiryowa’s professional legal career spans over 20 years and he is widely acknowledged as one of the region’s leading litigation lawyers.

His core areas of practice include commercial and civil litigation, banking and finance, insolvency, arbitration and energy law.

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