Drama as elderly Kakamega man demands KIBAKI’s burial stopped with immediate effect until a debt he owed him is cleared

Friday, April 29, 2022 – A man from Shinyalu has asked the Government to clear a debt that the late President Mwai Kibaki owes him before his burial.

John Shamala, aged 68, claims he campaigned for Kibaki in 2002 and he promised him payment if he won.

However, Kibaki did not honour the promise after clinching the seat.

Shamala says that it all began in 2002 when Kibaki was campaigning for his presidential seat and his horse was used in the campaigns.

“When Kibaki came to Kakamega in 2002, he was accompanied by the late Michael Wamalwa alongside former Senator Bonnie Khalwale.”

“They requested that I carry them on my horse as a sign of handing them power,” he said.

Kibaki’s campaign team had promised to buy him a new pick-up to help him with his business.

He was also promised money.

He tried to reach out to Kibaki after he became President but his efforts did not yield fruits.

He is appealing to the Government to clear the debt between him and the deceased President before he is buried.

Below is a photo of the elderly man.


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