DRAMA as bandits ambush KHALIGRPAH JONES during a video shoot and demand Sh 600,000 – This country is not safe (Video).


Friday, 25 February 2022 – Renowned rapper, Khaligraph Jones, has fallen victim to the rising insecurity in the country after being ambushed by armed bandits in Kajiado County near the Kenya-Tanzania border.

According to Abel Mutua, who is working with Khaligraph for his next feature film, the rapper was shooting a music video when the incident happened.

He was reportedly set up by a local, who claimed that he could help him and his team scout a nice house to shoot his upcoming video.

 “Recently the bandits did OG dirty, a local took them to a house where they could shoot the music video in. During the shoot, they spotted several Boda Bodas heading towards their location. 

“The bandits arrived and shut down the video shoot and demanded Sh300, 000 as fees for trespassing,” Abel narrated in an interview.

Shortly after, another person arrived in the company of other bandits and claimed that Khaligraph’s crew passed through his plot of land and also demanded Sh300, 000,” he added.

After negotiating for hours, the bandits finally accepted an offer of Sh 20,000 and allowed them to continue shooting the music video.

 “A video shoot that was supposed to start at 8 a.m started at 3 p.m,” Abel said.


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