January 22, 2021


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Drama after Kamene Goro receives 100-page hand-written love letter and CV from Kenyan pastor (Videos)

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Kamene Goro has been left in shock after receiving a personally hand-written 100-page love letter from a Kenyan pastor, complete with a CV and education certificates, as a formal application to be her husband. Things nearly came to a halt at Kiss 100 yesterday morning after a well-wrapped, heavy document personally addressed to Michelle Kamene Goro came in, in what she thought were court documents. Also read: “I gave up everything for a man who later betrayed me,” Kamene Goro’s regrets after getting married aged 23 The 100-page letter contents Jalas was over the moon for Kamene having told her time and again that God’s timing is the best to find her ideal husband. “Extremely urgent,” the khaki envelope reads and on opening it, the lass and her colleagues are left speechless after unleashing a 100-page hand-written love letter complete with newspaper cuttings and photos of the beauty. In a video, Jalas broke the announcement; “I told you that God himself would come through for you in the name of a husband. We are going to talk about Pastor Fred Tindi from Mtwapa and his contacts are here, we will call him.” Going through the first few paragraphs of the letter read by Jalang’o, the Pastor clarified that his actions have been led by the Holy Spirit and God’s word. Tindi admitted to have heard about Kamene in 2019, then later in the newspaper before her interview on the Trend. The reaction The funny bit came in when the Kenyan pastor disclosed; “I started my walk of salvation in 1998 when you were only 6 years,” the whole room burst into laughter, trying to imagine how old this man of God currently is. “I thought they were auctioneers,” Jalang’o admitted. Shaken by what was unfolding right before her eyes, Kamene…

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