Dr. Mutua emphasises on need for supporting digital ecosystem

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, has emphasised the need for a supporting digital ecosystem that will work seamlessly to ensure that creative people with disabilities earn their rightful royalties from their creative work.

He noted a current low level of compliance by institutions required to pay royalties through affirmative action that will further create a level playing field where people with disabilities get their rightful airplay and visibility.

Dr. Mutua stressed the need to consolidate budgets by various departments across ministries that deal with young talent to effectively employ the resources to accelerate the commercialization of the works of creative young people.

“We must set aside resources to support creatives to have talent academies to assist creatives to thrive in their space. That ecosystem must be supported by everybody.” Said Dr. Mutua.

Kamantu Cietu, a performing artist, requested that the stakeholders present consider setting up music recording studios that are designed to meet the needs of people with various forms of disability.

Further, he urged the sector to develop talent academies that incubate young people with disabilities who are unable to pursue creative expression, including music, performing arts, and art.

“We need special studios that are friendly to PWDs creatives as well as incubative spaces that can assist us with knowledge and experiences of those that have done it before us and to educate the upcoming artists.” He added.

On his part, Dennis Karanja another performing artist cited lack of access to information as a challenge to their craft adding that softwares for artists living with disabilities are not available.

“Softwares for artists, especially musicians living with disabilities, is not available for us, especially for someone like me with no sight. I have to get assistance from someone yet maybe the idea that I have will not be put out there properly.” Karanja said.

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