DPP threatens to charge TSC over teachers’ security


The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Noordin Haji, has threatened to charge Teachers Service Commission (TSC) commissioners for failing to put in place policies that protect teachers in insecurity prone areas of the country.

Haji said that it is the sole responsibility of the Teachers’ Commission to find solutions for the issues affecting teachers in insecurity prone areas and not the community nor citizens.

“I am speaking as the DPP. I can charge the whole Commission under Section 7 of the Children Act for refusing to give education to Kenyan children,” Haji said.

The DPP said that in Asia, education is a matter of national security and that it was high time for regions that have insecurity issues like Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Samburu and Turkana faced with terror threats, banditry or cattle rustling to have a good access to education.

“It is not because I come from this region. I can sit in Nairobi and be comfortable, I can buy an air ticket and go elsewhere, if I want but I have chosen not to because these are Kenyans. We want a stable, prosperous Kenya that is able and allows for each citizen to participate equally and we can only do that if we sensitize and educate our population,” Haji noted.

“By not providing security for teachers in North Eastern, we are falling for what the terrorists want, to de-school the population, so that at the end, they will do what they want and then we will become a burden to the rest of the country,” he added.

The tough talking DPP called for creation of a Department within TSC to deal with affirmative action for teachers in regions that have difficulties and find solutions to ease access to education.

“It is your responsibility to provide security to teachers. We cannot be collectively punished for actions that are not ours because the terrorists are coming from across the border and attacking Kenya not North Eastern, or Garissa, Wajir or Mandera, they are attacking Kenyans,” Haji said

Haji who was speaking in a Garissa hotel during the TSC stakeholders’ engagement also called for the abolishment of the teacher’s mass transfer policy.

“We cannot afford to have one teacher in one school. That is not acceptable in today’s Kenya,” Haji noted.

TSC Vice Chairperson, Leila Ali, said that the Commission had given retired teachers a chance to be re-hired on a three (3) year contract to fill in the gaps, but none of them showed up.

Leila urged the tutors who have retired within the last three years to come out and apply for the program and help out their communities.

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