DP Ruto: Stop harassing bodaboda operators, weed out the criminals

Deputy President William Ruto has urged the police to stop harassing law abiding boda boda operators and go after a few criminals amongst them.

Dr Ruto said it was unfair for the law enforcement officers to criminalize the entire boda boda sector, simply because of a few rogue individuals.

The Deputy President said boda boda is a legal business that unfortunately has a few rogue operators, just like any other business or institutions, citing the KEMSA scandal in Government.

“Boda boda is a legal business. The responsibility of the police is to deal with a few criminals , they should allow those running legal businesses to operate,” said Dr Ruto.

We salute the leaders who have stood against State intimidation, threats and blackmail to establish the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.This is because of their belief that it is the people ultimately who decide their destiny. pic.twitter.com/mfdSomqBPx

— William Samoei Ruto, PhD (@WilliamsRuto) March 12, 2022

Speaking today in Meru, the Deputy President said the criminalization of the boda boda sectors will affect more than1.4 million households.

“The boda boda industry that brings in Shs 1 billion everyday and provides livelihood for 1.4 million households should never be criminalized. We should get rid of a few criminals amongst them,” he said.

Leaders who accompanied Dr Ruto echoed his sentiments saying police should target criminals and allow innocent boda boda operators to run their businesses without interference.

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