February 26, 2021


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DP Ruto in panic as Talai elders crown Gedion Moi in a dawn ceremony

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SENATOR Gideon Moi crowned Kalenjin elder by Kapsisiywo Talai elders in a dawn ceremony; gets mandate to seek power.

Weeks ago the senator’s plan to be crowned botched after rowdy Tanga tanga supporters blocked his way to the elder’s homestead.

Blocking Baringo Senator Gideon Moi from a Talai elders’ coronation ceremony in Nandi exposed the depth of his differences with Deputy President William Ruto.

The overnight ceremony from Friday night to Saturday morning at the home of Talai elder Christopher aborted after the Kanu chairman and his entourage were blocked.

Angry pro-Ruto Talai clan youths barricaded all entry points to Kapsisywa village, the home of the Laibons, who are both feared and respected.

Ruto is running for president and Gideon Moi is also interested; the two are rivals for the Rift Valley vote.


They pledged to ensure that all the DP’s opponents, including Gideon, were crowned and honoured to undercut the DP’s influence.

His threats placed the clan elders under the chairmanship of Rt Canon James Baasi on high alert to protect the the DP’s ceremony at Baasi’s home.

Elder Christopher Agui coordinated the Talai yout: barricade the roads to the Talai shrine.

“No other ceremony would be held other that than of DP,” he said.

He added, “If senator Moi is so keen to undergo the ceremony, he should involve political leaders from Nandi, including Governor Stephen Sang, Senator Samson Cherargei and MP Wilson Kogo for proper arrangements.”

Senator Moi had set off from Eldoret town by road with his entourage on Friday night for the 50km drive to the remote and revered Talai shrine in Kapsisywa.